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Le 21 novembre 2003 à 12h26
Ecrit par Nao/Gilles


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I've decided to stop translating my news into English. Why ?
Because at once snatched off my movie news to put them up on their own news section, and somehow "forgot" to credit me for 3 of them (and chose to credit the least important of the 4, so funny how chance works, so funny...). [7:30pm update] Then they took my announcement for the trailer, and didn't credit Cyna either.

Because (come on, I'm sure you remember him, uliam, the guy who already stole my information on the movie before, and after I complained, spewed out a paper on how French people suck) took my information and credited Toei Animation's official website (on which there is absolutely no information on the movie story). He added a movie page on his site, and no credits for me either... (Of course, all of the information he gives was first presented on Cyna...) [7:30pm update] And of course he did the same for the trailer.

Because it's not only them. And these websites happened to credit me in the past, from time to time. It's just that all of these websites seem to dislike the idea of crediting me when they can just credit Japanese websites instead (even when they didn't find their information there), probably because it makes their visitors feel like these people can read Japanese. Well, surprise : they don't.

On a regular basis, I see on foreign websites information that was revealed only on my website, but with such bad blunders in the translation that it's clear that nobody even made the effort of ensuring the translation was correct. Considering that South American webmasters (mostly) don't give a damn about whether an information is 100% accurate or not, I don't see why I should worry about seeing it on other websites at all. It simply shows that you can't trust these websites (especially the two websites quoted earlier), because they just don't care about their readers and about Saint Seiya.

Maybe people like these represent less than those who actually are grateful for the time I spend working on writing my news and translating them as well. Maybe.

But I don't care. Honestly, I haven't received the kind of moral support I was hoping for, and to me, "latin american webmaster" is starting to mean "someone who steals information from other websites and won't admit he did ; someone who creates information himself (and/or credits it to the name of a person, fictional or not, he claims to be a Toei Company employee), and who likes to spread it all over the world".

At this point, I believe it is better for me to stop visiting foreign sites at all. If you're an honest visitor who enjoyed my posts, well, two words : learn French. Or e-mail me privately, and I'll be happy to give you whatever information you'd like to read.

I'm sorry about this, but I don't see why I should waste my time for other websites to get credit for my hours of work.

Ce message ne concerne que les lecteurs non-francophones du site, donc pas besoin de version française.

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> Farewell... - le 22 novembre 2003 à 18:01:07 (Thread)
Soy español (de España) y puedo decir que soy el administrador de uno de los foros mas grandes de Saint Seiya de habla hispana que hay en internet.
Cuando me pasaron el link con este articulo me quede sorprendido y lo cierto es que tienes razon, mucha gente coge la investigacion de otras personas y la hace propia y eso esta mal, es robar.
En mi foro hay muchos latinos, pero todos siguen unas normas y una de ellas es que tienen la obligacion de poner un link con la web de donde sacaron la informacion para evitar los robos que mencionas en tu articulo y asi no tener problemas con nadie.
Muchos vivimos Saint Seiya igual que vosotros, pero no contamos con medios, tiempo ni contactos suficientes para hacer el trabajo que haceis, de hay que exista esa norma en mi foro y vuelvo a repetir que todos, sean latinos, americanos, españoles, arabes, tienen la obligacion de colocar un link de la pagina web de donde sacaron la informacion.
Perdon por no poner esto en frances o ingles, pero no se me dan bien los idiomas y mi traductor no funciona bien
Mi msn es:
Saludos y gracias