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Le 11 mai 2003 à 13h51
Publication d'origine : 1997
Ecrit par Nao/Gilles

Shonenki 1997

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Intéressant uniquement pour son côté "historique", un descriptif d'époque du CD Shônenki 1997... Ah, la belle époque où nous ne pouvions que rêver d'un Hadès animé... ;-)

From: "Naoki Haga"
Subject: [Seiya ML] Saint Seiya's New CD - INFORMATIONS !
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1997 16:01:28 +0100

Hello !

I went to see the new Animex page of CDs...
Actually I was wrong in my URL, it was not 97-01.html but 97-1.html so I
wasted my time when I went each day there to check out the address... ;)

the direct URL for the CD is :

the jacket is GREAT, I was impressed by the colours.
Kurumada did a NICE WORK !!!
I'll put it on my website, it's too nice to be left like this... ;)

here's the tracklisting.

- Translation

(c) Kurumada Masami / Shueisha - Toei Doga C0CC-13980
Y2800 (tax included) songs/kageyama hironobu, endo masaaki, horie mitsuko
on sale since January 21st (tuesday)

1. Shonenki I Burning Blood 
Lyrics/ Masami Kurumada
Music-Arrangements/ Hiroaki Matsuzawa [Pegasus Fantasy, Forever Blue,
Soldier Dream]
Sung by/ Hironobu Kageyama

2. Drama part "Do Cvidanija" (dasbidanya, means "good bye" in Russian)
- Yakusoku no toki (The time of the promise)
Featuring the voices of (I'll put the characters names only, since
these are all the original series voices !) :
Seiya, Shun, Ikki, Shiryu, Hyoga, Saori, Miho, Shunrei and three kids

Dialogues : Yoshiyuki Suga
Directed by Kouzou Morishita
Music by Seiji Yokoyama

3. Born To Be A Soldier Drama Image Song 
Lyrics/ Rinozuka (?)
Music-Arrangements/ Yuugo Kawano [Worked on Forever Blue]
Sung by/ Hironobu Kageyama

4. Shonenki II I Leave My Heart 
Lyrics/ Masami Kurumada
Music-Arrangements/ Ken-ichi Sudo [composed Blue Dream with Kageyama,
and composed We Are Saint]
Sung by/ Masaaki Endo

5. Shining Star Athena no komori-uta English Version 
(Please note: Athena no komori-uta is "Lullaby" in Hit Collection 2)
Lyrics/ Rinozuka (?)
Music-Arrangements/ Gouji Tsuno [Shine On, in the Hades Image Album,
Lullaby, We're Fearless Warriors...]
Sung by/ Mitsuko Horie [voice of Polaris Hilda, and a famous singer]

6. Soldier Dream Seinto Shinwa (Saint Mythology) English Version 
(Please Note: Seinto Shinwa is the Japanese reading of "Soldier Dream")
Lyrics/ Tadano (who also made the original lyrics of Soldier Dream)
Music/ Hiroaki Matsuzawa
Arrangements/ Broadway (Soldier Dream)
Sung by/ Hironobu Kageyama

Resurrection ! Saint Seiya ! A CD based on Drama and Image Songs !
Masami Kurumada's famous work "Saint Seiya" still has a great success
though its broadcasting is over. There is a strong demand for a second TV
series and new movies, but [for now ? --naoki] here is an album with songs
and drama, featuring the help of mister Masami Kurumada in person ! Since
you will find a comment message from him, an interview and others, you
can't miss it ! It's an album that will deeply touch [make cry --naoki] the

- End of translation

well, that's great, but I hope the drama part will be very long...!
probably over 20 minutes. I'm just wondering what it will feature, since
there is no voice for Hades Chapter, so that will be probably a "farewell
message" for the fans, and if there is a good support, maybe they will make
a "we are back" CD and a Hades OAV series, after all ;)))))

here is the URL of the WAV version (280kb) of one of the songs, Born to be
a soldier (the WAV is 26 seconds long). It's cool, but nothing exceptionnal

you can replace the .wav suffix by .au or .aiff if you prefer.